“I feel compelled to send an email to comment on the quality of service provided by Leesburg in trash pickup. I have lived in downtown Leesburg now for almost a year, and have been so impressed with the trash pickup service. It exceeds the service I’ve had in any other location that I have lived. I can set my watch by what time to expect the crew on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Every time I see a crew, whether at my home or around town, they are really hustling and working hard. I am also out walking my dog every morning and always get a friendly wave when I see them. This is just one of the many things that makes me love living in the town of Leesburg.”

With appreciation,
Lara Shisler


“I am writing on behalf of the Board of Directors to provide reference and recommendation for CSI Disposal.

We are an upscale community of 225 homes in Leesburg, VA.

CSI has provided our community excellent refuse and recycling removal service since January 2006. Prior to that time, service provided to our community from a competitor was unreliable and customer service was very poor.

CSI’s customer service and staff are simply exceptional. We have had the same customer service rep for years, and on the few occasions there has been a need to contact her – the issue is always met with a courteous and very prompt response. CSI’s crew stays familiar with our property–the Operation Manager gives us a courteous heads up when there is a unforeseen delay or change.

In short, CSI is a vendor that takes pride in providing great service and at a fair competitive cost. Our Board of Directors renewed the multi-year contract again this past December without pause. We wholeheartedly recommend their service.”

Terry A. -Leesburg, VA


“It is hard to believe we have been customers of yours for one year now. A summary reaction to that relationship is very positive. We have received exceptional service from your employees assigned to our community. They have been prompt, polite, neat in their appearance, do a quality job and have policed the pick-up points upon completing the job. Please extend our appreciation for the quality job they have done.”

Paul A. – Fairfax, VA