Con-Serv Industries, Inc. (CSI) offers curbside pickup of trash, recyclables, yard waste (while in season).

We provide service for the following:

  • Municipalities
  • Homeowners Associations (HOA’s)
  • Private subscription: where we contract directly with an individual homeowner to provide service.

All of our residential programs are tailored to meet the needs of the individual communities, working within the framework of local ordinances.



Trash Collection:

  • Please have your container placed out on the curb the evening before collection or by 6:00 am the day of service.
  • To better assist the collection crew, please place the containers in the street, at curbside, with the wheels/handle pointed away from the curb (the lid should open towards the road).
  • Please use good judgment when placing items near your curbside collection site.  Our crews are trained to do a thorough job; therefore anything left near the containers may be collected as trash/recycling.
  • All items must be at CURBSIDE for collection.  If your item(s) are near the curb, but not at the curb, it is very difficult for us to differentiate between what is intended for collection, versus what is just near the curb not intended for collection.
    • CSI assumes no responsibility for items collected within a 10-foot perimeter of your collection site. Items not intended for collection should be kept away from the collection point.
  • Trash will not be collected if it is in a recycling container.

Recycle Collection:

    • Your recycling container either has a blue body and/or a blue lid. If you use your own container, please make sure that it is clearly marked with a recycling symbol or a recycling sticker. (Purchase Recycling Sticker Here)
  • CARDBOARD that does not fit inside your container will ONLY BE COLLECTED ON YOUR RECYCLING COLLECTION DAY.
    • Cardboard boxes must be flattened and broken down. 15 box maximum
  • Be sure to secure your recyclables in a bag(s) on windy days.  This will prevent recycling from blowing around the community in the event the wind knocks over your container.
    • CSI assumes no responsibility for items collected within a 10-foot perimeter of your collection site. Items not intended for collection should be kept away from the collection point.


  • If you have a CSI issued trash or recycling container we recommend you record the serial # on the container. Often times containers go missing so it is very helpful to have this information when you try and locate it.  In addition to this, we also encourage residents to put your address on the lid of each of your containers with address number -stickers (similar to ones you would use on your mailbox).  (Purchase Address Labels Here)
  • CSI containers are our property and should never be removed from the home.
    •  If you are a resident of a community where your HOA dues pay for your trash service, please leave the container at the home when you move from the home.  Place the container in your garage or in a secure area on the property so the new owners can easily locate the container when they move in.
    • If your HOA does not pay for the trash service and you are moving, please contact us for further instructions.


Bulk Item Collection:

  • There are charges associated with bulk items and excessive trash and must be scheduled and PRE-PAID prior to removal. To schedule a bulk item collection please give us a call 703-444-3181 ext. 0. 
  • Note: If your community association/HOA pays for the trash removal service, they may pay for this additional service.  If you are unsure please check with your community, or give us a call 703-444-3181 ext. 0. 
  • Unacceptable Bulk Items: Tires (on or off rims), automotive parts,  drywall, tile, stone or masonry products (including concrete), roofing tar/shingles, chemicals, medical waste or other hazardous waste (see more info about hazardous waste below), construction debris.
  • If you have construction debris/ lots of bulk you can rent one of our construction dumpsters (Click this link). 
  • CSI assumes no responsibility for items collected within a 10-foot perimeter of your collection site. Items not intended for collection should be kept away from the collection point.

White Goods (Metal Appliances):

  • Stoves, Dishwashers, washers, dryers all can be collected for an additional charge of $30 per item (prices subject to change at any time).
  • Refrigerators- can be removed for an additional charge, but you must have an HVAC company come out and remove the Freon from the machine.  The HVAC Tech will then tag the refrigerator showing the Freon has been removed.




Clear plastic bags will still be accepted but not recommended as most of the composting facilities are no longer accepting this material.

  • Yard waste is not provided to all customers.  If you are unsure whether or not you have yard waste collection please contact us to check.
  • Yard waste collection runs most of the year, depending on your county.
    • Fairfax County– March – December



    • Loudoun County–  April – December
  • When yard waste collection is not in season the yard waste is removed on your trash collection day.
  • Brush shall be cut in 4′ lengths, with limbs no larger than 6″ in diameter. Must be tied in bundles in order for the crew to collect. 
  • Brush shall be TIED IN BUNDLES no larger than 2′ in diameter.
  • Yard waste cannot exceed 50lbs per bag, or more than 10 bags per home/per pick-up (If you have more than 10 bags, please call 703-444-3181 to schedule a special pick-up)
  • NOT ACCEPTED: dirt, rocks, soil, mulch, stumps, manufactured wood, nursery containers, black bags, flower pots, planters, trays, lumber, treated wood, pallets,  and yard waste that is not bundled properly.
  • CSI assumes no responsibility for items collected within a 10-foot perimeter of your collection site. Items not intended for collection should be kept away from the collection point.

Christmas Tree Collection:

  • Christmas Tree collection occurs during the first two weeks of January on your yard waste collection day (ONLY).  Check with your homeowner’s association, or give us a call to see when we will be collecting trees in your area.
  • Tree’s are recycled and turned into mulch.  Be sure that the tree is completely bare with all tinsel, ornaments, lighting, and the base removed.
  • Place tree(s) at the curb the night before collection.
  • No artificial tree’s
  • Other Tree Recycling Options: Loudoun County has dumpster strategically placed throughout the county to collect the Christmas Trees. Please click here for more details on Loudoun County Christmas Tree Recycling (Loudoun County Residents Only)


  • CSI does not operate on the following Holidays: NEW YEAR’S DAY, 4th of JULY, THANKSGIVING DAY, and CHRISTMAS DAY, or when the County landfill facility chooses to close.  When a designated pickup day falls on one of these holidays, collection will be on the next regularly scheduled pickup day. There are no make-up days for collections missed due to a holiday or inclement weather.

Inclement Weather:

  • You may experience service disruptions due to inclement weather.
  • Winter brings cold weather that may disrupt services. Icy roads and snow are causes for service alterations and cancellations.  Services impacted by winter weather may begin late on the day affected, may be canceled at some point throughout the day, or may be canceled altogether.
  • When service is canceled due to inclement weather we will return on the next regularly scheduled collection day.
  • CSI will not put our employees and community in danger to try and provide service when the road conditions are deemed too unsafe to drive.
  • In the event of inclement weather, please stay tuned to our website for updates.  We will post updates on the home page.

Container Repairs (CSI Provided Equipment Only): 

  • Containers will be repaired at no charge as long as the damage is due to normal wear and tear. Delivery fees may apply if a replacement container is needed.  To schedule a repair, please click this link and provide us with the following information:
  1. Address and HOA name (if applicable)
  2. Container Type (trash/recycle)
  3. Container Size (96/64/48/18 gallon)
  4. Container Serial Number (The number can be found on the front of each container- except the 18(g) recycle bin) 
  5. The reason for Repair- (please be specific: cracked lid, hinges broken, the body of the container is cracked etc..)
  • Once you schedule the repair/replacement, a separate truck and crew will come out and complete the word order.  The collection crew that empties your trash, recycle, yard waste is not the same crew that does the repairs/replacements.

Customer Owned Containers:

  • Some communities/municipalities/single subscription customers use CSI issued trash and recycling containers. This all depends on the contract you or your community has with CSI. If we do not supply containers to your home, we would like to give you some helpful information when it comes to purchasing your own trash and or recycling container(s).
  • Containers can be purchased from your local hardware store (purchase a trash container online)
  • When it comes to purchasing a container, it is always a good idea to purchase a durable container.  Some of the less expensive containers may not last as long as the higher quality containers.  Please keep in mind your trash container is emptied 100+/- times per year on average. Therefore a durable container is a good investment.
  • In our opinion, one of the best containers you can purchase is manufactured by Toter IncThese containers are our top pick for the following reasons:
    1. There is a bar on the front of the container which allows the mechanism on the back of our trucks to empty your container.
    2. It’s made with heavy-duty plastic
    3. The lid is attached with hinges.  This is especially important on windy days as the wind tends to be the #1 reason why container lids are lost.
    4. They are manufactured in the USA.
  • Size Recommendations: 96(g) trash containers for single family homes & 64(g) trash containers for townhomes.
  • When purchasing a recycling container we highly recommend a blue container (Purchase Recycling Container Here) to help the collection team differentiate between your trash container and your recycle container.  It is also a good idea to label your container with a recycling symbol (Purchase Recycling Sticker Here).

Household Hazardous Waste Collection: 

CSI does NOT accept Hazardous Waste.  Follow this link to see a list of household hazardous waste.

Loudoun County and Fairfax County have facilities that accept certain Hazardous Waste and also have special events where Hazardous Waste is collected.


*“PLEASE NOTE: Certain links are provided as a convenience and a link does not imply CSI’s sponsorship or approval of any of these sites. When you access one of these websites you are leaving CSI’s website.