National Garbage Man Day- Week of June 17th

National Garbage Man Day

Every day hard-working men and women are out on our streets picking up our trash and recyclables. They are helping to keep our neighborhoods clean, sanitary, and a little safer. They do the work in the heat and the cold, whether it’s light or dark, and in the rain and the snow. It’s hard physical work and it’s one of the five most dangerous jobs in America.  Most of us push our trash out to the curb in the morning and take it for granted that it will be gone when we return home at the end of the day.

We hope you will join us in showing them a little love this summer by letting them know we appreciate the work they do. Whether it’s a smile and a wave or a “thank you”— take a moment if you have it during the week of June 17 or any other time. They’ll appreciate the thought. And, as always, please slow down and pass those trash trucks with care if you must get around them.  You might just save a life!



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