Con-Serv Industries, Inc. (CSI) rents, leases and sells a full range of compactors. Where waste volume reduction is important, our compactors can handle many different and specialized applications for both dry and wet wastes. Compactors are used in office parks, shopping malls, high volume restaurants, warehouses, institutions, and apartment complexes. Compactors are also useful for the compacting of cardboard and mixed paper for recycling.

34yd self-contained compactor

The two most popular styles of compactors are stationary and self-contained. Stationary compactors are used in an application where the waste is relatively dry, such as retail stores and warehouses. Self-contained compactors are designed specifically for applications where there is wet waste, such as grocery stores and restaurants.


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Vert-I-Pack® (VIP) compactors are ideal for applications where space for a compaction system is limited, the volume of wet waste does not justify a larger system, or a roll-off collection service is not available. This unit is great for shopping plazas, restaurants, cafeterias, fast food locations, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and much more.

New to our equipment lineup is an auger-style compactor. The auger system can crush and compact a broad range of materials, including wet and dry wastes. These systems can process a larger variety and a higher volume of cardboard, plastic, pallets, bulky waste, and other kinds of refuse than other types of trash compactors on the market today.

Balers: CSI also provides a full line of balers that are ideal for baling cardboard boxes and packing materials generated by distribution centers, furniture warehouses, department stores, and moving companies. Balers can be installed inside warehouses for easy use and convenience.

If you are considering the use of a compactor or baler, contact us, and our compactor specialist will visit your site and perform a waste audit to determine the best application for your business.

CSI also provides excellent compactor maintenance and repair services to assist customers in keeping their compactor equipment in good operating condition. All compaction and baling equipment are installed and maintained by CSI technicians. If you own a  compactor, CSI technicians can provide you a service maintenance agreement.


  • Thinking about a compactor for your application?  Give us a call and let us help you choose the proper equipment and let us install it for you.  CSI has a compactor install team on staff to assist you.
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